Campaign Basics

I’m going to be running the WotC module, Keep on the Shadowfell. (My apologies to my old face-to-face group, but I’m really trying to minimize my prep time.)

We’re all learning 4E, so it’s going to be a little slow going, at first. We’re also using EpicTable and Skype to pull in a couple remote players, and while a hybrid online / face-to-face game is kind of interesting and exciting, you should be prepared for a little roughness at first.

I plan to have a big screen TV setup for EpicTable and maybe a secondary monitor for Skype, if my laptop will do that…. I’d like to record these sessions—audio, video, and screen—for possible use as actual play footage and promotional material on Please let me know if that’s a problem for you.

The setting is sort of generic, fantasy, temperate.

Campaign Basics

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